We maintain a competitive turnaround time while still prioritizing the time our appraisers need to produce the highest quality report. Please call/email for our current turnaround time in your area or to inquire about a rush!
What kind of turnaround time can I expect for delivery of the appraisal?
When you partner with ProLink, you join our family. Instead of being motivated purely by deadlines and fees, we pursue our work with a dedication fueled by a love of what we do and a deep loyalty to our clients and our vendors. We will produce for you the best appraisal reports in the business through an easy, customer-friendly process because at ProLink, we work for you.
Our coverage area extends throughout all counties in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Our personal staff appraisers cater to the local Portland-Metro area counties of Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, and Yamhill.
We already use a different AMC, why should we switch?
Why should I partner with you instead of directly contracting with an appraiser?
What is your coverage area?
If you intend to obtain a loan with your appraisal, then you are required by recent government regulations to contract with a middleman, like a trusted local appraisal management company or a mortgage servicer or bank (who would then contract with us). These rules are to prevent lenders from directly biasing an appraisal in their favor (or crashing the housing market!)

Of course, even if you aren’t trying to obtain a loan, we have several on-staff appraisers that we have hand-selected for their years of experience and ability, and we can personally assure they will provide you with the highest quality appraisal. If you would still like to contract directly with an appraiser, we guarantee that ProLink provides the best way to do that.

Either way, call ProLink today!
Frequently Asked Questions